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Everlasting, Boundless…description…Infinite…recognized as a two time Much Music and two time Juno Award winner with previous group Ghetto Concept.
Infinite, a.k.a. Desmond Francis grew up in Rexdale, a small district of West Toronto, plagued for incidents of crime. Rexdale birthed his melodic gift and love for music. Some of his influences include Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur. It is also the community where sadness and anger manifested to an infinite intensity. On November 18 1995, his brother, Shawn Francis was brutally murdered, leaving him with Cain, his older brother. That’s when Infinite stepped back from the music scene.

Under the full scope of tragedy, mixed in with artistic ability and skill, Infinite and older brother Cain, C.E.O. of Lockdown Entertainment Inc. abided to create rap music on a new level. When Infinite’s EP “360” was released, it quickly became the top selling record for five weeks in a row, a first for distribution company PageMusic Inc. “360” was noted as the first Canadian
Limitless, independent album to produce a musical video for every original track.

“Gotta Get Mine” his first single, entered charts in the Top Ten and was number one for weeks. The song was chosen by EMI/Beatfactory as their first single on Rap Essentials Volume Two. “Take a Look” was also a successful Infinite classic which won the Much Music Best Rap and Best Independent Video Award. The crowd wowed at his brilliant performance. His video was then #1 for weeks on Rap City.

Later in his career he narrated for Japanese arcade game “Street Fighter 3” which was produced by Capcom. Infinite also made his film debut when he appeared in “In Too Deep” with Omar Epps and LL Cool J. He appeared in The Tookie Williams Movie, “Redemption” with Oscar Award winner, Jamie Foxx and Lynn Whitfield.

Infinite played a football player in a Reebok G-Unit Commercial, with Rapper, 50 Cent and NFL Quarterback, Donovan McNabb.
He also teamed up with Canadian Icon Maestro Fresh Wes and recorded a song called “Criminal Mind”. “Criminal Mind” is a song that celebrates the life of Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams (Peacemaker and Anti-Gang Activist) and the song features Gowan (Multi-Platinum Canadian Rock Legend). The three Juno Award winners on one track made this another classic. He performed this track as a musical component to the theatrical ceremony “Witness to an Execution” co-produced by Barbara Becnel, Governor candidate for the State of California, advocate, co-author and friend of Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams. The New York Times covered this tribute.

In his commitment to the pursuit of peace, he demonstrates his range as an artist and his genuine interest for social economic issue, politics and high-risk neighbourhoods. Infinite’s message is simply “Inspire, Change and Effect!”
His accomplishments speak for themselves…numerous sales, devoted fans, accolades in music, television, gaming and films. There is no stopping him; his marvels are Infinite.