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My name is Maraiika Harris, I was born on June 18th 1994 in Toronto, Ontario. My background is Jamaican and Guyanese. Since my father passing I have been living with my mother. I started dancing when i was 3 years old which lead me to enter a dance competition with kids that were 16 while I was 6.

I always loved dancing but I fell in love with singing when I was 14. I did not know I could actually sing until people around me were stressing how much I should take it seriously. While attending St. Edmund Campion Secondary School at 16 I joined a club named ‘midi club’ we did a miniature music video and performed for the Dufferin-Peel faculty. That year really sparked my drive to sing and make my own music.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. Music helped me through the toughest points in my life and at the tender age of 15, many people began to tell me they loved my voice and believed I could make it far as a singer. I began to dabble in song writing and found releasing my feelings, concerns and aggressions on paper to be very therapeutic and I also found it inspiring to me that people my age could relate to my music and this is what has kept me going thus far. Musically I feel like I’ve grown from the shy, timid girl who was unsure of her talent, to a strong young woman ready to blossom and show the world what she’s got.

A lot of people that have inspired me along my journey include artists like; Tink- I love how she speaks the truth, she comes off so raw and in charge and I love that about her. Drake- Every Drake song I’ve ever heard I’m pretty sure has made its way on to my phone, he’s versatile and appeals to a large group of people which is what I think makes him so successful. Lastly Beyonce- she is a strong independent women who inspires me to sing about my true feelings.

The love, the joy, the pain and most importantly the truth.