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Rob ‘Kelo’ Hendricks, founder of SE7EN Figure Inc., has approximate 25 years of experience under his belt, from all aspects of dealing in the music an entertainment industry. Rob started out as an artist and quickly found that there was more to this business than just having a talent. Rob quickly sub-merged himself into production, engineering and recording as well as vocal recording. Immediately he realized that he has gotten an understanding of how this works, he then decided to go into promotion, marketing and some graphic designing aspects of the business. All these activities exposed him to some valuable techniques in contract negotiations.

Rob was lucky to have shuffled   between the U.S and Canada at the time when the urban culture was being developed, and this gives him a broad perspective on the industry as well as exposing him to the differences between the two countries in terms of cultures and other social activities.

Rob eventually establish himself in Jacksonville Florida, where he quickly got caught up with the street life, but just like everyone else who ended up in that adventure, eventually it comes to an abrupt halt, which landed him in a situation that afforded him plenty of time to reflect on his choices. But as fate would have it, Rob got a second chance and he decided to get back to his music as an artist where he subsequently teamed up with a J Ville local artist “A rock” and they formed a band called “Live-n-Direct.” While in this group, they started doing local and state- to- state shows. This adventure led him to form a click with another set of J Ville locals, which at the time called “NEWS for U” and they was signed to a MIAMI record label as a professional artist.

His stints with this click  made him to stay in Jacksonville for a few more years after which he decided to permanently return to Toronto; with all these experiences and exposures under his belt, he realized that it was time for him to forge his path in the industry which motivated him to start his own niche by setting up a promotion business with specialized events. His first real success came from buying into a tour that Jonathan Ramos of REMG was putting together which feature EPMD, Bid Pun, the roots and a few other names.

This adventure served as a stepping stone to Rob which seeing him teaming up with some local promoters like Andrew Wilson and I.C.E who specializes in events and promotions.  After sometime, they soon find themselves in L.A Under Magic Johnson music group but this adventures was short lived which made him to find his way back to Toronto where he resume his events promotions and production brokering, but while doing this, he soon found his way over to ruff Ryder headliner talent DMX. This doesn’t stop there as his expertise position him to start negotiating and brokering production to DMX and he was then offered a production deal with DMX founding label “Bloodline.”

Rob’s stints with DMX didn’t last long as some unforeseen situations made him to parted ways from that adventure and this prompted him to quickly returned to brokering production. After some times, he found himself in a unique situation with Andrew Wilson in which they developed a girl pop group named “Bliss”. This group was a different  group at that time.. which prompted them to quickly sell the group to BMG Canada “Ivan Berry”.

His relationship with the girls afforded him the opportunity to stay on as a part time adviser to the girls but after the group parted ways with BMG, Rob was able to introduce the girls to DMX management team who had the girls auditioned for “Def jam” the then Head of A&R which at that time known as  (sh0cka). Realizing that the girls where in good hands, he then decided to parted ways with the group. Around this time, an opportunity presented itself for both Rob and Andrew to meet with the “Backstreet Boys” who was on their Millennium world tour but were at that time struggling to find a new management for their group because of their rigorous work schedule which Rob and Andrew understood very well to the group’s amazement.

Upon concluding there management negotiation stints with the “Backstreet Boys” to find new management , Rob continued his venture in brokering production and prompting special events, this was going on when another opportunity presented itself to Rob because as at that time, a member of the group Destiny Child “Farrah Franklyn” was leaving the group because of a few mishaps but Rob saw this as an opportunity and he immediately negotiate a deal which signed her up with SE7EN Figure Inc.

But the most recent credit’s and accolades for Rob was the  executive production credit and negotiation of the cinematic global release, of the Drake’s Home Coming “The lost footage” Movie, and the licensing of the project to Rap- A Lot – Records which was one of the most controversial projects that was broadcasted globally in about 1500 theatres.

So as you can see, Rob has had his hands in a few well documented adventures which shows his whole contributions and journey in this industry  would not all fit here, but you can be rest assure that those royalty checks will keep coming…

Prior to most of this Rob’s friendship made AMG Inc. & Mark Berry team with  Rob’s company . And he now finds himself on another profitable venture.

You  along for the journey?

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