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Golde London


Shenée Morrison, better known as “Golde”, is an aspiring recording artist with the tactics of a triple threat 21 year old. Shenée is extremely dedicated and motivated to her work, and is looking to enhance her abilities in the rap industry. She is definitely ready for her big blow whether it’s today or next yr, for many reasons to be recognized. She has multitasked as a song writer of her own music, and a professional dance performer since the age of 9, performing in multiple cities, charities, community events, schools and international shows. This includes opening for many celebrities including Chris brown, Elephant man, Beenie Man and many more.

Although Golde has been through thick and thin, in a single-parent home in the streets of the high crime-rated Jane and finch area in Toronto, Canada, she hasn’t let any variance bring her down. Instead, the intellectual individual only allows this to benefit her, by expressing it in her music, including everyday depressing, or happy self- scenarios and experiences. As growing up as a young female in certain circumstances stand tough, with many others not being able to mend it the way she has. It only thickened her skin, which lead Shenée to perform excellence through her lyrics and dance shows, assertively expressing those feelings on stage, where she knew she always belonged.

Listening to inspirational rappers who have related to her everyday life, has kept Golde grounded, meanwhile avoiding any situation which may possibly distract her, whether good or bad. These relatively inspiring rappers consist of biggie smalls, as he expresses his daily life through his raw unique style of expression, with a “say it like it is” approach. Last but not least her number one motivating rapper who has captured her attention since age 8, and hasn’t lost her connection then, is Styles-p. Not only does Golde love the realness, and dedication to his music, disregarding any current commercialization propaganda, but she also relates in many ways. Styles-p is her number one motivation, with one of the reasons being, his music is what dries her eyes, and has her continue day after day through struggles and emotions in her everyday life. These are the mixtures and styles of Golde’s music, with her own sway to it, being very hard core and relevantly preposterous depending on her choice of target and emotion.

While gaining recognition from local audiences from neighbors, to school peers, to strangers across the city, Golde has kept up her lyrical talent regardless of what she was working on. She has altered these events as her get away to stay humble, motivated and closer to her dreams, while managing to stay true to herself with a natural high sense of stylistic demeanor. For the duration of, she is still ready to put in 100 and ten percent on her creative lyrical mission.

Golde has the drive to be the best at whatever she does, whether it’s creating personalized lyrical music, hairstyling, being a great fashion stylist, to dancing. She is well recognized for these things and makes a huge impact on fellow peers with these specific trades, and is proficient to advance undisputedly. This is why Golde has an awestruck result from listeners. As she is a unique, courageous, ambitious individual, who is prepared to overcome all obstacles, through dedication and determination! This is only the beginning, prepare for the next venerated female rap artist to shine near you!